Wednesday, February 21, 2018

'Defending' Tobago

In a recent interview, the Minister of National Security, having asked rhetorically what does the slogan "In Defence of Tobago" mean, answered in a manner that deliberately avoided the core issue.

Tobagonians are seeking to focus on and to defend their right to determine the constitutional relationship between the island of Trinidad and the island of Tobago. The current THA election campaign has provided an opportunity for some to conveniently cloud the issue with the element of race. This is most unfortunate.

Constitutional revision should be contingent on the input of two "equals" with neither having the right to unilaterally impose a revision/amendment to determine the manner in which national resources should be shared. The "defence" of Tobago seeks to have proposals from both parties negotiated and a mutually agreed to settlement arrived at.

The current initiative does not allow for such a process. The White Paper now hurriedly proposed for parliamentary debate ignores the desires of the people of Tobago.

Samuel B Howard

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