Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rowley walked out on Tobago

Ashworth slams PNM:


election fever: Supporters of the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) at the party's public meeting at Montgomery Grounds in Bethel, Tobago, on Wednesday night. —Photo: ELIZABETH WILLIAMS

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The decision by People's National Movement (PNM) political leader Dr Keith Rowley not to support the Constitution (Amendment) Tobago Bill is typical PNM style.

This was stated by Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) political leader Ashworth Jack, who criticised Rowley's decision at a political meeting at the Montgomery Grounds, Bethel, Tobago on Wednesday night.

Jack said Rowley's action in Parliament in not supporting the Tobago bill had brought shame to the country.

"When he was finished, like every other time, he walked out on Tobagonians, and the Rottweiler left the rest of his team to  become dumb dogs in Jerusalem. Not a man on the PNM side stood in defence of Tobago," Jack said.

Jack said the PNM had lost out on the perfect opportunity to "stand in defence of Tobago", but Rowley walking out on Tobago had come as no surprise to him. As his action is typical PNM style, he added.

"Because today, you had an opportunity to give Tobago everything it wanted, if you think it did not get enough," Jack said.

Jack said Rowley walked away from Tobago when the island needed him the most, but he (Jack) would not stop until Tobago gets its freedom.

"When Tobago wanted their vote, they did nothing. Tobagonians, you can't give them your votes until they give you your vote," Jack said.

Jack said nothing annoys him more than the hypocrisy of the PNM, and he is happy Prime Minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar chose this time to bring the bill to Parliament as the people of Tobago can see what the PNM always had in their minds.

"There must be a reason why  our  party chose yellow as our colour because red is the blood of Tobagonians that had to be shed. People had to be martyred  for the freedom of Tobago," he said.

Jack said even the constitution of the PNM discriminated against the people of Tobago, and the PNM continued to fight Tobagonians against themselves.