Sunday, February 25, 2018

PNM thugs making trouble in Tobago, says Warner


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National Security Minister Jack Warner warned the people of Tobago to be careful, saying that there were three gangs of thugs on the sister isle who are waiting to see the outcome of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election on Monday.

Speaking at a Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) public meeting in Mount Moriah, Tobago, on Thursday night, Warner did not divulge what actions these men intend to take but said that their presence in Tobago was as a result of desperation on the part of the People's National Movement (PNM).

"They will put PNM people in TOP T-shirts and commit certain wrongs to give TOP a bad name between now and Monday. You have to be careful. Right now I am advised they have three gangs... here just waiting, I tell you be careful because they are on their last, this is the last hurrah for them and therefore you have to understand they are desperate people and when you are desperate, you do desperate things," said Warner.

A 16-year-old Tobago girl—Crystal Smith—alleged that she was beaten by a man in Signal Hill for wearing a PNM jersey on Wednesday.

The PNM said Warner was up to dirty tricks.

"I will tell you something you know, the PNM, they have begun their dirty tricks, they are spreading bad news all over...there are five of them in Tobago now, I have their names and they are hiding in a house with a computer or two spreading bad news on the net," said Warner.

Earlier this month, Warner at a public meeting in Roxborough, Tobago, claimed that THA chief secretary Orville London had several houses in Tobago and shares in a gas station.

London, in turn denied these claims and said he would resign if Warner could present proof of this.

Warner returned with the accusations on Thursday and instead posed questions to London with respect to ownership of the houses in Tobago.

"I say to Orville tonight, tell me what people tell me is true. They tell me Orville that you build a house in Sous Sous land...and you rent the house to a Chinese family. Orville, true or false?" asked Warner.

He further asked London to confirm whether he bought a house on the fort which he gave to his cousin.

"They tell me, Orville, that you build a house in Calder Hall for your son, Orville, true or false?" asked Warner as he further called on London to confirm whether he has shares in a gas station.