Sunday, February 25, 2018

Warner: TOP will win 10-2

Chairman of the UNC Jack Warner yesterday expressed the view that he too was not happy with the prediction of last December's  polls  conducted by the Sociology Division of the University of the West Indies, but he says the Tobago Organisation of the People has done what it takes to win the election. He said the media was trying to influence the election and this is not fair.

"Boy, if we don't win this election, and I mean we here in the TOP case, there is no election we will win," Warner said.

Jack did have his predictions about polls. He said the TOP ran a good battle and will reap the fruits of the party's labour today.

"I have a prediction of 10-2 in the TOP's favour. Anything more is 'lanyap'  but anything less will be disappointing."  

Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin said despite the polls she envisions a resounding win for the TOP.

"Polls do not win elections, votes win elections on elections day. We are going to win the election," Alleyne-Toppin said.

–Elizabeth Williams