Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Stages sit-in at Green Park, Felicity, to protest laying of water pipes


LAST STRAW: ILP’s Interim Leader Jack Warner, right, and party supporters sit in protest along Boundary Road, Felicity, last night. —Photo courtesy Jack Warner’s Official Facebook page

Mark Fraser

Interim leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) Jack Warner last night staged a sit-in at Green Park in Felicity in a bid to stop   road works to lay pipes surrounding the venue of his last big meeting before the by-election.

Drivers had parked trucks, tractors and heavy equipment in the area which Warner believed was being done to block him from having his campaign meeting tonight.

“This is the last straw,” Warner said. 

Chairs were brought in and neighbours and supporters joined in the impromptu protest action.

A music truck passed through the area calling out the residents to join the group.

The work, carried out by contractor Kallco, encircled the park on all sides, barring vehicular traffic to the venue.

“I am not leaving here until they fill up the holes and re-pave the area,” Warner said.

Warner said he had remained quiet during the worst of the Government statements against him, but this was taking it too far.

“I didn’t expect them to go this low,” he said but continued to defend Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

“This can’t be her, it can’t be. I refuse to believe she would stoop this low,” he said.

Though several of the contractors pleaded with Warner, they were met with irate residents who say the road works were impromptu and  unnecessary as they never had water problems in the area.

The trucks and heavy equipment blocked off the entrance to the park and the area was dug up on all four sides.

Warner said he would still have his meeting, but was finally frustrated by the Government’s manoeuvres to thwart his momentum.

Two foremen came out to tell Warner that the work would be completed before his meeting but were challenged by the residents.

In a tense exchange, the residents barricaded Warner and told the contractors that they have never had a problem with water.

“Go from here. I see you in a UNC jersey,” they shouted a contractor. 

They residents did an impromptu oral vote, calling on all who had water problems to raise their hands. When no one did, the residents chased the contractors.

“Leave Uncle Jack alone,” they shouted and cheered “Jack Warner” as the men left.