Friday, December 15, 2017

Prison riot: Inmates and officers taken to hospital

File image: Persons leaving Golden Grove Prison

THERE are reports coming out of the Golden Grove State Prison in Arouca that as many as 20 prisoners were injured during a riot involving inmates protesting poor conditions and abuse by prison officers. Five prison officers were also injured, three seriously.

Prisoners using contraband cell phones contacted families, and some members of the media.

The Express was told that officers wearing masks went into a section of the prison to subdue a group of prisoners who had been protesting all through the night. At around 5.30a.m. prisoners and prison officers fought it out.

Watch TV6's Kejan Haynes as he reports from Golden Grove

One prison officer was stabbed and another lost two teeth. The medical condition of the injured inmates was not immediately known but they are being treated at the Mt Hope Hospital and prison infirmary.

Several shanks (knives made from sharpened metal and other objects) have been recovered.

Members of the Guard and Emergency (GEB) Branch were called to the prison.