Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wordy inspiration

Carolyn Correia releases her second book

NEW BOOK: Carolyn Correia at the launch of her new book, How to find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours which took place at NALIS, Port of Spain. –Photos courtesy CAROLYN CORREIA

NEW BOOK: Front cover of Carolyn Correia’s book, How To Find Yourself and Claim What’s Yours.

Let’s face it. Sometimes we could all use a little motivation, encouragement, inspiration or support. Carolyn Correia recently released her second book How To Find Yourself and Claim What’s Yours. The encouraging and insightful book takes the reader on an inspirational journey through life’s trials and seasons. Correia left her full-time job to embark on entrepreneurship in 2014. She is also the author of Thinking out Loud. The author describes the book as an inspirational memoir which was inspired by her father. She described her writing as a sort of catharsis—a tool to vent, clear her head and heal in the hope that it can help others who are going through similar situations. Marsha Gomes-Mckie, in her review, describes Correia’s latest publication as “genuine”. She also noted Correia’s desire to make a difference as she discusses life lessons. The book is dedicated to the memory of her father.

Correia recently explained the process that led to her publication and her accomplishments. “The first book was a collection of articles that was previously published in the Woman Express and Panache Jamaica magazine. My second book is a memoir that was inspired by my dad in 2009. He told me to write about life and how I view situations. At first I doubted I could write an entire book, but that day I took his advice and with baby steps he told me one day I would have my book and that day is today! I talk about that conversation in the preface of How To Find Yourself and Claim What’s Yours and the book is dedicated to his memory. The epilogue is also a tribute to him and the role he played in our lives,”Correia said.

In Chapter four—“Do You Know How Lucky You Are?”—The author pays tribute to her parents in an excerpt that was written in 2010 when she was still on her road to fulfilment. She writes: “The key to success in my eyes is to value what you already have and work tirelessly to make your goals a reality. What we do today paves the way for our future dreams and ambitions. We must however find that inner strength and determination to step outside of our comfort zone and break down the barriers which are holding us back from achieving and claiming what is rightfully ours in this life.”

Correia’s transition to becoming an author took some introspection. “My goal was to record my journey from ‘wanting’ to actually ‘doing’ and I succeeded in doing that! The other part was to assist others get to where they want to go in life. I transitioned from wanting to be a writer, then becoming a published writer and author, wanting to transition from a more technical field where I felt restricted, to a more creatively satisfying field,” Correia said.

Correia who is also a communications consultant, freelance writer and motivational speaker said her inspiration for the book came naturally. “The inspiration just comes naturally—could be from a conversation I had, something that was bothering me; even from a song I heard. It starts with one word or thought then transforms when I get behind my keyboard. It really is a gift for which I am so grateful. The words just flow, almost effortlessly most times. Living in Tobago for a year also served as inspiration for me to continue writing this book at a time when I had shelved the idea,” Correia said.

Correia believes she has achieved her intentions in this book. “I write because I have something to say and get off my chest. When people tell me that what I’ve said resonated with them and helped them in some way. That feeling is priceless and it’s the reason I do what I do,” she said.

Correia is working on a third book which will be a book on grief—coping with the loss of loved ones. She is also getting ready to re-launch my motivational workshops which is a spin-off from her first book—Thinking out Loud. She has already mapped out her future plans: “To keep writing, doing my blogs which I enjoy as well as my other freelance writing jobs and to get published in more magazines around the world as well as to publish more books. I also plan to develop my communications consultancy and speaking career further,” She said.

She had this advice for young writers. “Always perfect your craft and fuel your mind with content and surround yourself with positive people that enriches your soul. The internet is a wonderful resource for anything under the sun. Use it to your best advantage. Join clubs and associations that nurture your talent and allow you to showcase your creativity. Keep your dream alive and work at it steadfastly. Practice makes perfect and one day you would reap the rewards of your hard work. Most times your reward is right around the corner when you are about to give up…so don’t you ever!”

Correia’s books are available at all locations of RIK, The Book Sauce (i95 radio compound), Metropolitan Booksellers (New Capital Mall in Port of Spain) Charran’s St James and www.amazon.com. You can learn more about the author via her website www.carolyncorreia.com or email hicomegaconsulting@gmail.com