Friday, January 19, 2018

We had a good product to sell *

PNM deputy political leader—policy talks exclusively about his winning campaign:

PNM campaign manager Rohan Sinanan at Wednesday's swearing in ceremony for Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. Photo: CURTIS CHASE

 port of spain

ROHAN Sinanan's national introduction came from Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on September 7, elections night, shortly after he thanked supporters for the People's National Movement's (PNM) victory.

"I usually don't do that but tonight, I must do that, introduce deputy political leader, policy," said Dr Rowley in his gratitude speech.

"One of the big issues in this election, which we have just won, is that we had no policy, but we had deputy political leader Rohan Sinanan, policy and campaign manager for the 2015 general election," Rowley said to applause from the crowd who had gathered at Balisier House, Port of Spain, to rejoice in the PNM's victory at the day's polls.


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