Friday, December 15, 2017

Step-dad killed, mom dies, now teen attempts suicide

Weeks after her mother committed suicide after her step-father was shot dead, a teenager has allegedly tried to kill herself by drinking a poison.

The 17-year-old girl was found in her bedroom on Monday frothing from the mouth and unconscious. She was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she has been warded in serious condition.

The teenager, of Penal, and her mother, Sherry Ann Seecharan, had been detained in connection with the shooting death of prison officer Robert Seecharan on July 29.

Robert Seecharan was her mother's husband.

The teenager had admitted that she fired the shot that killed her step father.

The mother, a victim of domestic abuse, and her daughter were released without charge after five days in police custody.

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However weeks later, Sherry Ann Seecharan committed suicide at her Barrackpore home.

Attorney Gerald Ramdeen who represented the mother and daughter, said in a television interview on Tuesday that officials of the the Children's Authority had intervened and counselled the teenager when her mother died.

Ramdeen said however that the family did not receive counselling after Robert Seecharan had died, and that may have led to Sherry Ann Seecharan's suicide.

Of the teenager's alleged ingestion of poison, Ramdeen said: ?I can't say that I am not surprised, which eventually led to what transpired (Monday). To repeat, there was no social support for this family when this first occurred and I think that was very largely responsible for that death when a poisionous substance was ingested. And when that was done in the days following thereafter, I know that this child had contemplated taking her life as well.

At that point in time the Children's Authority got involved in a very powerful way and they went down there. I know the child was undergoing counselling. But unfortunately despite all the efforts of the Children's Authority and all the support of the family it led to the child ingesting a poisonous substance yesterday in an attempt to take her life?.

?So it is another example of the breakdown of our social network to care after those less fortunate and most in need. It makes no sense setting up a Children's Authority, community residences and a whole slew of legislation that has been passed, and the implementation of the legislation leaves a lot to be desired?, said the attorney.