Saturday, December 16, 2017

LuJoe and the Gifted making strides*

The members of LuJoe with Tempo founder, Frederick Morton and a friend.

The recent upsurge of local bands that perform music other than soca is refreshing. We all love soca, but you have to admit that a one-item menu does become monotonous and worse, tasteless. These new bands, among them Entourage, The Flick, Inzey and Dopeskis to name a few, do however include soca in their respective repertoires, which range from reggae to hip-hop, pop, rock, alternative, neo-soul and much more.
One band making great strides out there is LuJoe and the Gifted, a multi-genre band led by brothers, Luke and Joshua Samerson who are the vocalists. The band’s name is taken from the first two letters of each of the siblings names with the “e” added at the end standing for entertainment. The Gifted refers to musicians who are all exceptional in their own right. By the way, Luke is also the lead guirtarist, and wow can be play that axe!
The brothers come from a family that boasts a rich musical background. Their grandfather was the calypsonian known as the Mighty Chiller, while their aunt is the much loved singer, Carlene Wells who has over the years enjoyed success as a solo artiste and as a member of several soca, chutney, rock and pop bands.


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