Friday, December 15, 2017

Stand firm against child abuse

It pains me to see that adults who are supposed to love, protect and nurture our future are the ones destroying it by committing outrageous acts of violence against our children.

If we harm our future, what kind of future do we expect to have? A dysfunctional one, a future of further hardships and broken homes.

Our children are our future and some adults, sad to say, are perpetrators of a crime that was done to them in their childhood, so they grow with that pain and inflict it on the innocent children within our society.

No child deserves to be treated with such malice, no one deserves such treatment and we have laws in place such as the Children Act to deal with the problem.

However, parents/guardians are solely responsible for caring for their children and this includes pertinent screening of daycare facilities and babysitters whom you will be leaving your child with for approximately eight hours.

Parents need to know the history of the establishment. How long have they been in existence?

Be your own detective and ask questions of other parents to find out more. Drop in unannounced to see the environment and the treatment of your child when you are not present. You would be surprised by what you may see.

The video that has gone viral this week just brings back up past tragedies and names like Sean Luke (March 2006), Amy Annamunthodo (May 2006) and Jabari Hernandez (December 2013) among many other angels who have died due to neglect and violent abuse.

What are we as a society doing? Turning a blind eye? Or are we going to stand up for our children, especially the ones who can barely walk and talk.

In a world that shows it is okay to be heartless and immoral let us be the light in the darkness.

Trinidad and Tobago is blessed but as adults fear seems to be the greatest factor that stops many of us from putting our moral beliefs into action.

One act of kindness and bravery goes a long way. We can only have positive changes if we as a people make small but effective changes ourselves.

The Government, NGOs and Police Service can do so much. We the population must stand up and claim our children as our most prized possessions. After all, they are first and foremost our future.

Tenisha Sylvester

San Juan