Saturday, January 20, 2018

‘Consuls General refusing to leave office’ *

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Dennis Moses


A former Minister who was the People's Partnership Government candidate to head an international organisation, wrote, "in his personal capacity" (after the General Elections) "after the nominating Government had changed... withdrawing the candidature of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago".

This was one of the disclosures made by Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moses in his contribution to the Budget debate in the Senate, International Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain, yesterday.

Moses also disclosed that Consuls General appointed by the last administration were refusing to leave office.

He said the "permissiveness, arrogance and abuse" during the last five years even continued after the People's Partnership demitted office. He said as an example that "the office holders of the created posts of Consul General" were seeking to remain in office until the end of the contracts granted to them by the past Government. He added that the last Government installed the contracted Consul Generals until 2016 without the benefit of a competitive recruitment process, with one contract being scheduled to end a full year after national elections. "The Consul Generals even sought to set terms to their return from post to Trinidad and Tobago. Such was their and their sponsors perceived and self bestowed right," Morris added. There are three Consuls General—in New York, Toronto and Miami.


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