Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Judette Coward Turning Fear into Fuel*

Turning fear into fuel, PR maven creates a lifestyle movement which is resonating with women of all ages.

Judette Coward is dancing like no one is watching, eyes closed, arms swaying above her head. Her thick black afro like an exclamation point, she delivers a high-heeled kung-fu kick to a shiny cluster of balloons.

What makes her so happy? Everything. Coward is an explorer whose latest journey is a lifestyle series of videos and blog posts called Forward Forty.
She calls it “love work,’’ and as creator and producer she pours the best of herself into it. The series celebrates women aged 40 and beyond, and tackles just about any topic that resonates with that audience, from how to pack a salad in a jar to how to stop comparing yourself to others.
As Coward puts it, “Forty is not the new 30. Forty is the new 40. Fifty is the new 50. We deny our ages and so we deny the experience that comes with it. Beauty and style and success can happen at any age, and we need to claim it.’’
Forward Forty is a high-energy blend of authentic stories on wellness, fashion, style, food, beauty, and relationships, drawn from Coward’s own experiences and those of women she admires. In a warm, best-girlfriend-pulling-up-a-chair-for-a-chat manner, Coward also confronts those fork-in-the-road issues such as orchestrating a career shift, starting your own business and How to Get Unstuck and Bring Your Dreams to Life.


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