Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lawyers, doctors leave to join ISIS *

Muslims of all walks of life taking their families and travelling to Syria...

fighting for isis: Trinidadian fighters Shane Crawford, from left, Arshad Mohammed and three other unidentified Trinidadians pose for a photo, wearing military gear and holding assault weapons, in Syria this year.

left with his family: Local Islamic scholar Ashmead Choate closed his school in Freeport and has journeyed to Sy­ria.


They come from all walks of life, united by religion.

A scholar, a lifeguard, a boxer, a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer.

These are some of the jobs that Trinidadian Muslims held before joining the cause of the Islamic State.

Continuing investigations by the Sunday Express into what prompted an emigration of about 100 Muslims from Trinidad to Syria and Iraq to support a jihad being waged by the Islamic State (ISIS) reveal contrary profiles of the men who left this country.

The Sunday Express has already reported that two men detained during the state of emergency (SoE) in October 2011—Shane Crawford and Milton John Algernon, also known as Fareed Mustapha—are in Syria.


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