Monday, February 19, 2018

Kittisha Doyle: The Caribbean’s Next Top Model*

A Cinderella Story With A Happy Ending

Life is so strange indeed as the stone the builder rejects always becomes the most important building block and in this case a beautiful one. As I chat with the newly crowned Caribbean’s Next Top Model (CNTM), Grenadian Kittisha Doyle, and she tells me about the ridicule she faced as a child growing up in a myopic society where tall, chiselled and slender were ugly I can’t believe my ears.

As I walk down those streets everyone stops and stares
Whispering around from ear to ear- “My ooh my, isn’t she tall”
Another snares and says “ I hope she trips and fall”
They curse and they gossip and they spit at my name…
— Kittisha Doyle, Standard Three Poem


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