Sunday, January 21, 2018


PoS mayor criticises women after Japanese masquerader found dead in Savannah

Crime scene officers view the body of an unidenfied woman who was found dead at the Queens Park Savannah yesterday. Photo KERWIN PIERRE

Asami Nagakiya.

PORT of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee

port of spain
PORT of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee says women have a responsibility to ensure they are not abused during the Carnival season.
He made this comment during a news conference at his City Hall, Port of Spain, office after being asked for his views on the discovery of the body of a woman masque­rader at the Queen's Park Savannah yesterday morning.
Police last night identified the woman as Japanese national Asami Nagakiya, a regular visitor to Trinidad during Carnival.
Tim Kee said shortly before Carnival, he had spoken about the “vulgarity” and “lewdness” practised
by some women during the Carnival season and said women did not need to behave this way to enjoy themselves.


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