Friday, December 15, 2017

Death threat for helper in battered woman’s case

THE investigation into the report made by the battered wife of a Central businessman has taken a sinister turn, with a man who said he helped her escape claiming he was threatened with death.

The man came to Chaguanas Police Station on Sunday and reported being told he would be killed because he helped the woman and her two children leave the house she shared with the businessman.

The report is lodged in the station's diary, the Express was told.

The report said the alleged victim, a man in his 50s, of Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas, told police he received the death threats on Saturday night.

The man said several of the businessman's employees turned up outside his home and threatened him if he gave police evidence supporting the woman's claims.

Police also said later that day the businessman's wife went to the police station and spoke to a woman police officer concerning her claims of physical abuse at the hands of the businessman.

The Express was told the businessman's wife was given the offer to be taken to a safe house, but the offer was refused.

Police said yesterday a medical report has been obtained from the alleged victim.

The Police Service stated: “The police are expected to act based on the sworn statement and other evidence gathered in the matter.”

She was interviewed by the head of the Central Division and will receive counselling from the Police Victim and Witness Support Unit, while the children will be referred to the Child Protection Unit and the Children's Authority, the TTPS said.

Police intervened in the case of alleged domestic violence on Saturday after the alleged victim posted pictures of her bruised and battered body on Facebook.

The woman's posts have been shared and commented on by thousands of social media users since Saturday.

The woman was expected to be interviewed by the head of the Central Division to determine whether she wishes to press charges against her alleged attacker.