Monday, February 19, 2018

Altar Boyz musical brings All-Star Band *

Jeffery leads the band

Kail Thomas and Ruiz enjoy the jam.

Jeanine Ruiz on keyboards.

Rehearsals are swinging into high gear for the premiere of the Altar Boyz comedy musical, which takes place at the Central Bank Auditorium from April 8-10.

Brought to Trinidad by JCS Entertainment Ltd and supported by Royal Circle sponsor Maritime Financial Group, the Altar Boyz musical takes place in one 90-minute performance on the final night of the band's world tour, during which their mission is to ease troubled souls.

The production will feature over 18 musical numbers across multiple genres including hip hop, rock, pop ballads, Broadway and Latin music.

The production's band leader and musical director Keon Jeffrey sat down for an interview about the all-star team behind the live band.


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