Saturday, February 24, 2018

Indigenous Top 7

KMC scores his first Indigenous hit with his latest international single “Club on Fire”.

1) “Twice A Better Man” - Justin Cross (3 weeks as a top pick)

2) “He Loves Me” - Dn Steven (5 weeks as a top pick)

3) “Want To Know You” - Nerukhi & Ms EverBless (6 weeks as a top pick)

4) “Wicked People” - Ras Lett (8 weeks as a top pick)

5) “Waiting On Eventually” - Dion Gonzales (6 weeks as a top pick)

6) “Dark & Blue” - Rehanna Rahim (6 weeks as a top pick)

7) “Club On Fire” - KMC (1 week as a top pick)


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