Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Isaiah Luther dances to perfection *

25 year-old Isaiah Luther, dancer and self employed fashion designer/stylist, model and visual merchandiser, will be performing in “Arise”, the upcoming 21st Season of the Metamorphosis Dance Company, from tomorrow to Thursday at Queen's Hall, St Ann's.

Luther, one of six male guest dancers performing with Metamorphosis this season with a 20-strong company of female dancers, has been dancing since he was a young boy. He started in his parents' church at age ten where he led the dance team. Afterwards, his parents enrolled him in a ballet school at age 13.

Among the choreographers Luther has worked with for this season's presentation is Viki Bromberg Psihoyos. Bromberg is a former New York City Ballet dancer, teacher at the Colorado Ballet Academy in the United States and accomplished choreographer, who visited Trinidad in January this year to conduct dance workshops with Metamorphosis dancers. She mounted a piece using the Balanchine technique for “Arise”, which includes a cast of male and female dancers accompanied by live music.


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