Thursday, December 14, 2017

Row over religion: preacher killed

A disagreement between two men about religious points of view is what is believed to have led to the death of a 36-year-old man in Arouca on Thursday night.
Police reports indicated that, around 8 p.m., street preacher Clint Julien and a group of people were standing along the Eastern Main Road near the old Arouca Police Station shouting their beliefs when a vehicle with a group of men from another religious group stopped and confronted the men about statements they were making about another religion.
The confrontation became heated during which another man arrived on the scene and used a sharp object to stab Julien, who managed to run a short distance before collapsing.
The police and emergency health services were notified and Julien, of Maturita Extension, Arima, was rushed to the Arima District Health Facility. He later died of his injuries.
IRO saddened

Speaking to the Express yesterday, head of the Inter-Religious Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (IRO) Harrypersad Maharaj said if the reports were true, he was saddened by the news.
“The thing we have to remember at all times is that, in this country, there are many people of different views, and beliefs and we have to exercise tolerance, acceptance, and understanding at all times. Your views may not be my own, but there should be a deep understanding and respect between the two. You can have your views, and I can have mine, and once there is an understanding there, rooted in acceptance and appreciation, then we can hopefully temper any animosity.
“To hear that a situation like this, if it is true, where a disagreement has reached to the point of a crime being committed...I am saddened. We must remember at all times that, despite our differences, be it religion, ethnicity or political background, we all have a commonality of being human beings and should be caring and loving to one another. You may not like what one man is saying, but that does not mean that he does not have good or positive in him. I don’t want to preach just tolerance, because we need a love and understanding that goes beyond that. We need a deep understanding that we all have positivity in us, and we all should not hold animosity or anger towards one another because we are of different religions or don’t like what one person may be saying,” Maharaj said.
Chopped to death
In an unrelated incident an autopsy has been ordered into the death of Nigel Griffith after the Arima man was found chopped to death in a savannah a short distance away from his home.
Around 8 a.m. yesterday, officers of the Northern Division received a report the body of a man was seen near a pile of rubble on the southern side of the savannah along Recreation Road, Arima.
When the officers arrived on the scene, they found the body of a man lying on its stomach.
He appeared to have stab injuries about his body.
The Express was told the man was known to police as a suspect in several robberies and “petty crimes” in the area.
At the scene yesterday, residents said the man was known to them only as “Skettle” and was a troublesome person in the area.
The murder toll for the year so far now stands at 188.