Friday, December 15, 2017

Arrested: Child rape accused who assaulted same girl four years later

POLICE on Wednesday night arrested a 38-year old man suspected of raping his daughter last month, four years after he was arrested and charged with raping the girl when she was then 11-years-old.

The suspect, a ‘ph’ taxi driver, was arrested in Chaguanas by officers led by Sergeant Andy Mohammed.

Police said the man allegedly committed the crime when the 15 year old child at the family’s home.

The victim broke her silence while at school and told school officials.

The victim’s mother was called in and accompanied her daughter to the Chaguanas Police Station on Tuesday.

Police heard that the offences were committed while the mother was at work.

The Children’s Authority has been informed of the case and the alleged victim was taken to a safe house.

In 2012, the suspect was charged and appeared in court for incest.

Police said yesterday that it is expected that he will again be charged for incest and appear in court this week.