Friday, January 19, 2018

Bandit killed in barbershop shooting identified


THE bandit who was killed in a shoot-out in Diego Martin which left five people, including an off-duty police inspector, nursing gunshot injuries, has been identified as 21-year-old Shaquille John of El Dorado.

John was positively identified by relatives yesterday.

An autopsy is expected to take place tomorrow at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

With the identity of the man as well as images from CCTV cameras in the vicinity of the shooting, police investigators were able to piece together the identity of another individual they believed to be John's accomplice in Friday's shooting incident.

Police exercises are expected to be conducted with the intent of arresting the assailant.

All five people who were injured in Friday's attack also remain hospitalised.

Hassan Ali of Farfan Street, Diego Martin, is still in critical condition at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

He sustained significant injuries to the head. The other injured men were identified as Insp Kenneth Morgan (shot in the groin); Jonathan Vincent (shot in the buttocks); Antonio Credlo (shot in the shoulder) and Afzard Khan who was shot in the lower back, right arm and stomach.

They were all said to be doing better, but still under observations for their injuries.

Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon visited the wounded officer yesterday at the West Shore Hospital in Cocorite to support.

Dillon said he felt duty-bound to visit the inspector who displayed courage and strength in tackling the bandit.

“I believe I was duty bound to come here today to look at Insp Morgan who is the police officer who was involved in the incident in La Puerta (Friday). I feel duty bound because of the situation where Insp Morgan literally put his life on the line to save not only his own life but others.

“Fortunately for us and fortunately for those who were around in La Puerta at the barbershop that Insp Morgan was there and notwithstanding the fact he was off-duty...he took the oath of the policeman and he came to the defence of those who were present and in that situation he himself was shot in the incident.

“So with all this in mind, I certainly believe I was duty-bound to come here today to first look at his welfare to see how he is doing and to talk to his wife and family, but also to thank him personally for the courageous stand that he took in that incident yesterday,” Dillon said.

Dillion was also asked if he had any thoughts about people on social media suggesting that the shooting started because the officer drew his weapon.

“That is an assumption that they are making. I think they should look at the brighter side of it, that he was present.

“Had he not been present it could have been worse. Because the people (bandits) who came there certainly did not come for a haircut. They came there with weapons, illegal arms and I'm sure they did not come there for a haircut.

“They came there to commit an offence and the possibility is they were there to execute someone who was also in the barber shop.

“So fortunately for those who were present that Insp Kenneth Morgan was present there at that point in time so those who are saying that I dismiss them completely,” Dillon said.