Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vision on Mission*

...helping deported nationals re-integrate into society

LIGHT MOMENT: Founder and executive president of Vision On Mission, Wayne Chance, centre, sharing a light moment with Sarah Johnson and Terrence Sealy at the organisation’s office in San Juan opposite the PTSC Terminal. Vision on Mission aids in the reintegration of ex-prisoners, delinquent youths and deportees, into society. —Photo: Wayne Chance

US president-elect Donald Trump’s proposition to deport millions of undocumented immigrants living in United States of America, has disturbed many.
For nationals of Trinidad and Tobago residing in the US under similar circumstances, this is no exception.
“Apart from being undocumented, some individuals may have been imprisoned for various illegal activities and repatriated after serving their sentences,” said founder of Vision on Mission, Wayne Chance. Formed in 1995 by Chance, Vision of Mission (VOM) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that aids returning nationals’ reintegration into local society.
“There are thousands of persons in the prison system in the US, throughout the 52 states, that are up for deportation within the Caribbean,” he said.
Chance said,“Within the last ten years the Caribbean has received over 72,000 deportees.”
Trinidad is estimated to have received roughly 10,000 deportees in the last 15 years.
Some of them would have committed crimes, gone before an immigration judge and are being sent back, as well as undocumented deportees who have overstayed their time.

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