Saturday, January 20, 2018

...2016 murder toll up 10%

THERE has been a ten per cent increase in murders from 2015 to 2016, with 420 murders recorded at the end of 2015 compared to 462 at the end of 2016, police said yesterday.
But there has been a decrease in a number of other serious crimes, police said during their weekly press briefing at Police Administration Building, Port of Spain.
Acting ASP Michael Pierre also pointed out that, with regard to sex crimes, there were 625 reports made in 2016 versus 489 in 2016.
For the crime of serious indecency, there were 70 reports made in 2015 as opposed to 32 reports in 2016.
There were 106 kidnapping reports in 2015 versus 72 in 2016-a 32 per cent decrease.
Police said 785 cars were stolen in Trinidad and Tobago in 2015 compared to 636 in 2016 while the crime of larceny from a dwelling house fell from 237 reports in 2015 to 232 in 2016.
With regard to motor vehicle accidents during which people were killed in 2015, 147 deaths were recorded, while in 2016 there were 135 which police said was an 11 per cent decrease.