Friday, January 19, 2018

Burnt body found in Piparo

THE country has recorded its seventh homicide for the year, with the discovery in Piparo of the burnt body of a man.
The body was found on a privately-owned agricultural estate at Johnstone Road.
The victim was identified only by the nickname “Ninja”. He was said to be in his 40s and employed on the estate as a caretaker.
Police said the victim’s body had been burned.
A district medical officer examined the body and ordered an autopsy to be done today.
Officers of the Homicide Division Region II, Southern and Central Division responded.
Shot dead in Santa Cruz and Morvant
In an unrelated incident, a 41-year-old man who was a suspect in five gun-related offences was on Tuesday night shot dead in Santa Cruz.
Police said around 10.30 p.m. residents of La Canoa, Santa Cruz, heard gunshots coming from the home of their neighbour Ian Monroe.
After the shooting stopped residents went into the house where they found Monroe’s bullet-riddled body on the floor.
Residents contacted the police and officers from the San Juan Police Station and Homicide Bureau visited the scene.
The body was moved to the Port of Spain Mortuary, where a post-mortem done yesterday concluded that Monroe died of injuries from several gunshot wounds.
And police were up to last night continuing investigations into the shooting death of a Morvant man early Tuesday morning.
Police said around 3 a.m. residents of Angelina Terrace, Morvant, heard several gunshots following which they called the police.
When officers arrived on the scene they saw the body of 24-year-old Simeon Selvon lying in a pool of blood. Several spent shells were recovered by police.
Selvon’s body was moved to the Port of Spain Mortuary and a post-mortem on Tuesday concluded that he died of gunshot wounds.