Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bride and groom eat ‘Hot Sauce’ doubles

HOT DOUBLES: Shannon Pollard, right, the young man behind D Original Sauce Doubles and wedding couple Wade Williams and his bride Kendra Vidale at Sauce’s Shed, Curepe. —Photo: KITTY KOWLESSAR

AFTER a happy, hectic wedding day, all Kendra Vidale and husband Wade Williams wanted to eat was D Original Hot Sauce Doubles in Curepe.

Williams, who is from Champs Fleurs, and Vidale from Chaguanas, got married at the United Pentecostal Church in Petit Bourg, San Juan last weekend. They made sure they enjoyed their traditional snack of doubles while they were on the way to their reception at the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards Hall in Macoya,

“We wanted Doubles to be part of the menu at our wedding but it was not possible,” said Vidale. “Sauce Doubles has always been that special delicacy for us.”

Williams and Vidale who met over two years ago at a church hike along the Lady Chancellor Hill, St Ann's.

He said he arrived late for the hike and drove to the top of the hill.

Williams said, “When I reached I was told by a friend that Kendra was not feeling too well and wanted to go back down the hill.

“I said Hi, Wade is the name, and she said ‘yes, but I want to go down the hill',” he said.

Williams drove her down and while talking, he said he realised she was a “sweet individual”.

He said: “After that we keep meeting in and out of church, but every Friday evening it was Sauce doubles. That was the norm.”

Williams who is a landscaper, is the owner of “Will Works Landscaping and Property Management Services Ltd. Vidale is a clerk typist at the Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprises.

“Finding love in God is what young people should seek to have as part of their life, because God is love,” said Williams.

Williams said he would like to advise young people to wait on the right person and don't rush into making decisions when it comes to marriage.

And this could only happen when one “trusts in God”.

Shannon Pollard, the young man behind Sauce doubles said Williams started buying doubles first and then Vidale came along with him for almost two years.

“I appreciated his choice for Sauce doubles as part of their wedding menu while on their way to the reception hall in Macoya,” said Pollard. “We as small entrepreneurs would hope that people who are getting married would have doubles as their menu. Thanks to the persons at the Trinidad Express who are responsible for publishing the couple at Sauce Doubles. It is the first time we got publicity with a wedding couple at our doubles booth.”