Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It’s all silly antics and posturings

Add one more feature to the many things Trinidad and Tobago is—the land of theatrics!
Neither the Government nor the OWTU has fooled anyone by their silly antics and posturings. It pains me to think that this Government has the audacity to attempt to pull wool over the general population’s eyes.
That episode with the OWTU has to be the biggest sham of recent times. It was a cleverly orchestrated diversion from the everyday ills that beset the society.
Murders, lack of foreign exchange, FATCA, et al, no longer hogged the headlines. It was all Roget and Colm. The dynamic duo! But alas, any sensible Trini would have read the signs. We go into panic buying very easily, but on this one occasion there were no long lines at the gas pumps. So Colm and Roget, I nominate for a special Oscar. Take five, Mr Roget!
To Mr Roget’s credit, he has identified some important facts that should be noted and acted upon. Square pegs in round holes, political patronage, gross mismanagement and hefty payments to so-called technocrats at the company.
I also agree with the suggestion by one of the Opposition members—allow the workers to become shareholders. In that way they have vested interest.
Also I believe that structures should be established to keep the refinery running should a genuine strike be called.
I know it was publicised that Petrotrin had a plan in place but maybe they can improve on that. Remember, hindsight is 20/20 vision.
Sahadeo Ragoonanan
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