Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No answers from president Diaz

Pan Trinbago’s leader: Keith Diaz

Leave me alone!
Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz was approached on January 4 outside Pan Trinbago’s head office at Victoria Park Suites building about the X5 purchase and his relationship with Brent Holder.
Told that we had the X5 documents, Diaz said: “Leave me alone! Leave me alone!”
Told it was our understanding he never got the executive decision to buy this X5 and asked who was Brent Holder, he again responded: “Leave me alone. I have no comment at this time.”
As Diaz made a hasty retreat, another executive member, Richard Forteau—who is now the acting president of Pan Trinbago due to Diaz’s medical condition—was approached about the finances of Pan Trinbago.
“This is a private organisation! When we get the money they (panmen) will get it,” said Forteau.
While Diaz was not forthcoming about his relationship with Holder, sources within Pan Trinbago said that when Diaz flies to England, he often stays at Holder’s residence.
On the morning of January 2, Holder was contacted in the UK via telephone.
He had claimed to be a returning resident in documents.
Holder was asked about the outstanding money owed to himself and Martha Grady for the X5 that they sold to Pan Trinbago, and if he had received the remainder of the money.
There was a pause after the question and Holder chuckled briefly, before saying: “Hold on for me.”
Seconds later the line went dead.
Despite several voice mail messages which left questions for him to answer later that day and the following day, Holder has to date not returned any calls.