Saturday, February 24, 2018

bpTT to launch Juniper platform

...its 14th facility

The Juniper facility will be bpTT's 14th offshore platform in the Columbus Basin. Source: bpTT

OIL and gas giant bpTT will launch its Juniper platform at La Brea on Sunday.

The Juniper project is bpTT's first subsea field development, located 50 miles off the Southeast coast of Trinidad.

President of bpTT Norman Christie will host the launch at TOFCO's facilities at the Labidco Industrial Estate as part of what bpTT describes as a “celebration of local collaboration”.

The Juniper facility will take gas from the Corallita and Lantana fields located 50 miles off the Southeast coast in water depth of approximately 360 feet.

Juniper will become bpTT's 14th offshore production facility.

Drilling commenced in 2015 and first gas from the facility is expected later this year, bpTT has said previously.

BPTT has a 100 per cent working interest in the Juniper development.

The company operates in 904,000 acres off Trinidad's East coast and currently has 13 offshore platforms and two onshore processing facilities.

Juniper will be bpTT's 14th platform in the Columbus Basin.

Christie visited the TOFCO yard today to view the Juniper topsides and loadout onto the quayside of the yard, according to bpTT's Community Energy Facebook page.