Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jobs blues in La Brea *

WHILE the completion of the multi-million dollar Juniper platform should be applauded, it also means that some residents of La Brea are now jobless.

And Member of Parliament for La Brea Nicole Olivierre is hoping that jobs can be created soon.

The platform was built by Trinidad Offshore Fabricators Company (TOFCO) in La Brea and created more than 700 jobs over the 26 months it was constructed.

The topside platform was constructed using 95 per cent labour and 55 per cent came from La Brea and environs.

The official launch took place last Sunday at TOFCO's compound.

Olivierre said: “It is a bittersweet moment for my community because as we celebrate the successful completion of the project, we are also faced with the cessation of activity which would have sustained the local economy for the past 26 months.

At peak there were over 700 persons employed with 55 per cent of them having come from the community so you would understand the challenge that we will now be faced.


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