Monday, February 19, 2018

We jammin' still*

A cursory look at Carnival-related activities this year shows that while there is some indication of reduced spending, overall, it's business almost as usual.
Some prestigious fetes have seen fewer patrons, a few costumed bands admit to lower numbers, and many of the signature shows have scaled back on expectations-ticket prices for last Sunday's Panorama semi-finals, for example, were reduced.
However, Carnival lovers continue to patronise the big fetes, calypso extravaganzas and seasonal comedy festivals in numbers good enough to keep performers and promoters smiling.
The big masquerade bands boast of having sold out, although the shortage of foreign exchange increased some costs which they claim they had to absorb.
While no one can say at this point (less than two weeks to Carnival Tuesday) that the festival has been a resounding success, indications are that neither the ongoing economic crisis nor the galloping crime rate will dampen the spirit of the people who pioneered the massive street festival. 

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