Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tenants ‘shocked’ to learn id of woman in Wrightson Rd accident

Tenants at a downtown mall expressed “shock” yesterday upon learning the identity of the 29-year-old woman who stripped naked and walked along Wrightson Road after she was involved in an accident on Tuesday evening. The woman is reportedly the owner of a store in the mall

Reports are that she was taken for medical treatment and a psychological evaluation after the multiple car accident in Woodbrook.

Tenants also said they were “hurt” by the manner in which callous citizens and social media handled the unfortunate incident. The majority of tenants described her as “normal... good-looking red girl” who “kept to herself”.

At the entrance to the mall, a vendor said he was “extremely hurt” at the manner in which citizens responded to her personal crisis.

He said: “I am shocked it was her. She always greet me with respect. I feel she just ‘burst out'. It could happen to anybody. I know she has more than one business. Maybe it could be the stress of meeting ends. But whatever caused her to ‘burst out' real sad. But people should have cloaked her.”

Francois added: “Imagine the poor child running wild and traumatised, and, all people could do is get on their cell phones and fix it. People giggling and laughing as if is a big joke. What has this country come to? I did not want to see the video. Where is the compassion? She is somebody's child...somebody's daughter. They did that because it did not happen to them. It happened to somebody else. We have to be our brother's keeper. I feel sad over the whole scenario.”

Tenants said however they found it passing strange she had a business and was hardly ever at the job site. The door to the business was closed yesterday. Theories have abounded about the triggers leading to the incident, ranging from “stress”, a failed relationship, and spiritual wickedness (obeah).”

A businessman said: “I was in shock. I could not believe it was her. Somebody told me it was her but I refused to believe it. Then the reality sunk in.”

Asked if he knew the woman, he added: “Only by seeing her. But up till yesterday we were talking about her. We were saying how could she have a business, and, she is hardly ever here. What is causing that? Maybe you should talk to her better half.”

A customer who works in the housekeeping department at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope interjected: “I heard the nurses talking. They said her family took her home but it was too much for them. So they took her to St Ann's.”

At a hairdressing salon, a woman said: “I haven't seen her for a while. She does only say ‘hello'.

On the ground floor, a vendor said: “She is normal. I does sit and talk to her. Maybe something went wrong with her that day. It could be spiritual wickedness. They should give her some evaluation. Get her into a programme if she is not well. If she is okay, then put some system in place so she could pay for the vehicles. It is sad.” She played a video on her cell phone in which a man was describing the drama that was unfolding before his eyes.