Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"My missing child had a secret Facebook account" she is missing

Missing Melissa Samlal


Missing teenager Melissa Samlal, who claimed she is being kept by a woman she met on Facebook, has not yet returned home. And her worried mother is appealing to anyone with information to contact the police.

Jennifer Cipriani, a mother of three, pleaded with the persons housing her 15-year-old daughter to send her home. “Please, whoever has my child, please have a heart. We want her back safe and unharmed. Please send her home,” she cried.

Cipriani also had some advice for parents to be aware of what their children were doing. “I didn't know my child was talking to anyone on Facebook. I am telling people my story so they will be aware of what is going on,” she said.

Cipriani said there were no signs that her daughter had run away from home, as she took none of her belongings.

Samlal, a school dropout, was last seen by her mother at their Pascal Road, Piparo home on January 30.

The teenager waved goodbye to her younger siblings as they left for school. When Cipriani returned home her daughter was not there.
Her grandmother, who was upstairs, told police she heard a car speeding off from the driveway. And when she checked, the grandmother said, Samlal was not there.

Cipriani said her daughter telephoned at the weekend to say she was being kept at a house. She told her mother she was picked up by a woman she met on Facebook. The teen said she wanted to return home but the woman refused to let her leave.

Semoy Ramdhanie,13.

Police have obtained details of the teenager's cell phone records and are pursuing several leads. And investigations are continuing into the disappearance of 13-year-old Semoy Ramdhanie who went missing on January 28. Ramdhanie's mother, Indira Ramdhanie, said she was worried as her daughter had not contacted her.

She said although the teen was troubled, she would never stay away for such a long time. Ramdhanie is appealing to anyone with information on her daughter's whereabouts to contact the police. Semoy Ramdhanie is a pupil of the Preysal Secondary School.