Friday, January 19, 2018

Three charged with abducting, raping, buggering woman begs not to be sent to prison, but no bail

Shiraz Mohammed, Sadiq Mohammed and Brandon Basdeo on their way to the San Fenando Magistrates' Court. Photo: TREVOR WATSON

Cousins Shiraz and Sadiq Mohammed appeared in court today charged with rape, buggery, armed robbery and carrying away a 23 year old woman against her will. They were charged along with Brandon Basdeo with  the indictable matters laid by corporal Roger Nanan of the San Fernando CID.

 Sadiq Mohammed begged the magistrate to spare him from prison.

"If I going to jail I would like to go MSP  (Maximum Security Prison ... If you send me to Arouca prison, I could lose my life." He told senior magistrate Nannette Forde-John he had a twin brother and alleged that his sibling was charged after an incident with a prison officer. Sadiq, 24 of Woodland also said that he came out of prison five months ago and was being framed by the police with the charges he today faced. "I have nothing to do with this ... I being victimized by police. They giving me case after case."

Sadiq Mohammed said he had two wounding matters he wanted dealt today with but the magistrate  said those matters were not presently before her.

Forde-John had earlier read the charges to the three that on February 11 at Hermitage Branch Road, San Fernando they had sexual intercourse with a woman without her  consent, buggered her, robbed her of two cellular phones and $300 and took and carried her away against her will.

 Police prosecutor Cleyon Seedan objected to the three being granted bail. He said the Mohammed cousins were out on bail when they allegedly  committed these offences on February 11. He also objected to Basdeo being placed on bail based on the seriousness and prevalence of the offences and as a gun was allegedly used. He told the magistrate  that should bail be considered for Basdeo he should  be made to report to the police station and surrendered his passport. 

Defence attorney Martin Jadoonanan who represented Basdeo, 24 asked for reasonable bail. He said his client worked part-time as a construction worker and lived with his parents. He said Basdeo, of Penal, had no passport to surrender but was willing to abide by any bail conditions imposed.

The three men on their way to the San Fernando Magistrates' Court

Seedan requested that the Immigration  Office be allowed to check Basdeo's passport status. Defence attorney Ainsley Lucky said Shiraz Mohmmed, 23 of Woodland had one pending robbery with violence matter.

The magistrate said he was also charged in the past with possession of narcotics and other offenses were showing on his criminal record. Lucky said these were being disputed by Shiraz Mohmmed and asked that his client return next week for the record to be verified. Sadiq and Shiraz Mohmmed were remanded into custody. Shiraz will return  on Wednesday.

The magistrate told Sadiq  that she had noted his concerns and ordered that he and Basdeo return to court on March 17.

Basdeo was placed on $175,000 bail to cover all the charges. He is to report to the Penal CID three times a week and present a record of this at his court appearances.