Tuesday, January 16, 2018

NP-sponsored player set to tackle "Adopt-A-Player" Programme

Presentation: NP’s General Manager Corporate Services, Jessica James, presents the contract to Anthony Charles, 2017 sponsored athlete for the Adopt-A-Player Programme.

Since its inception, the Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited’s (NP) support of the Adopt-A-Player programme has helped tremendously to propel talented yet “at risk” athletes from within the Laventille community to receive greater sport-related opportunities and in life. Started on September 01, 2014 the programme benefits amateur footballers who currently demonstrate excellence in the sport and who have the potential to further develop their skills and competency in the game. This past year, on September 01, 2016, NP entered into a new Sponsorship Agreement with Caledonia AIA with Anthony Charles being this year’s recipient. In addition to focusing on athletic development and special coaching sessions, NP’s financial support ensures that Anthony Charles will also be exposed to personal development training through sessions designed to teach leadership, life skills, interpersonal dynamics and sportsmanship, including being a team-player.

As a sponsor of the Adopt-A-Player programme, NP is furnished with quarterly updates from Caledonia AIA on the athlete’s progress such as goals for the year; leagues and games played, including results and experience acquired, changes in ranking and athletic successes and awards or recognition. NP’s sponsored player Anthony Charles is a worthy recipient as he began playing football at the age of nine with Morvant Elements. Coming from a family of two brothers and twin sisters, Anthony was inspired by his father to play football at a tender age. As he grew, so did his love for the game and frequent matches with his team mate Abdullah Phillips gave him inspiration and the drive he needed to hone his craft. Anthony was motivated to improve his professionalism and dedication both on the field and off and when it comes to having a mentor, his favourite coach, Jabari Charles helped him acquire the focus and determination needed to pursue his dreams without ever looking back.

A disciplined and humble young man, Anthony shows a lot of dedication and commitment to his sport, as much as he does to his community. His future aspiration is to win the TT Pro League Title along with his team, as well as to represent the Country on the Men’s Senior National Football Team. NP is proud to sponsor Anthony Charles and fully supports the work of Caledonia AIA, as the Company continues to focus on the positive development of our nation’s youth.