Friday, January 19, 2018

We won’t tolerate Central lawlessness

Division head on gang video...

The head of the Police Central Division has warned gangs in his district that he will not tolerate any form of lawlessness. Speaking briefly to the media yesterday, Snr Supt Kenny Mc Intyre said he was made aware of a seven-minute video which was making its rounds on social media, in which a man who claims to be part of the Unruly Isis Gang was threatening members of the Rasta City Gang. 
Among the things the individual can be heard saying is a warning to members of the Rasta City Gang to not enter areas such as Chrissie Trace and Crown Trace.
“You want to buss up my mouth, I want to buss up my gun!”
“We have shooters out here too...we global I say”. “Them Rasta City and them...we have plenty bullet for all­yuh. Do not pass in Crown Trace, Chrissie Trace, Crown Trace main road.... Not (even) on Crown Trace main road. And I on a bike.... We out here. Come. Come I say.”
“Them Rasta City and them? Right now, we out for allyuh, you know. Bullet for allyuh...and it have plenty to get.” All of these quotes could be heard being uttered by the individual, as well as other persons who are in the video.
“Well, I just came out of a commissioner’s conference and I heard bits and pieces of the information. I don’t have enough to comment properly on it, but I will find out about it and whatever actions need to be taken will be taken because we will not tolerate any lawlessness in the district,” McIntyre said.
Head of the T&T Police Service Social and Welfare Association Michael Seales made similar comments, condemning any actions which would threaten the safety and security of individuals in the Enterprise community.
He said he believed the matter would be appropriately addressed by the head of the division, and citizens could expect patrols to be increased in response to these threats.