Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Nidco employee making $200,000 a month

A NIDCO employee was working for $200,000 a month and no one could explain what work that employee did to justify that salary.
So said Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan in response to an urgent question in the House of Representatives yesterday, on whether 100 contract workers were likely to be sent home.
Sinanan said in January 2017, Nidco (National Infrastructure Development Company) had engaged Personnel Management Services to conduct a manpower audit in the right-sizing of the State-owned company. He said their work is ongoing and a final report is still to be submitted.
However, he said, based on preliminary information coming out of Nidco, “I will not be surprised if some contract workers, whose contracts have expired, may not have their contracts renewed, based on the fact that they have employees there drawing over $200,000 a month and to this day we can’t find what they were doing for this money,” he said.
The Minister said the person who received this salary collected it between 2013 and 2015.
Sinanan said at the end of the audit, workers whose services are no longer needed would be terminated.
In response to a question on the conflicting reports with respect to the resignation of the last Port Authority Board, Sinanan said the members resigned and he was not aware of the motives or reasons for the resignations.
“I don’t have a crystal ball to read people’s minds,” he said, adding that he was not aware of what happens in the minds of board members.