Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ria Sookdeo’s dad: What about my missing child?

A promise by police to leave no stones unturned in the search for missing woman police constable Nyasha Joseph has resonated in the mind of Frankie Rajkumar, father of missing hairdresser Ria Sookdeo.
And although he was pleased with the officers’ determination to find the missing mother of one, Rajkumar does not believe his daughter’s abduction was treated with the same importance.
Rajkumar said he was not satisfied the police had done enough to find his daughter, who was taken near her children’s school in Debe last September.
He said: “They said they would leave no stones unturned. I am pleased that they are looking for this woman. But that should go for every missing person.
“I don’t think the police did enough to find my daughter. There was an island wide search for this missing police, why was my daughter’s search restricted?” he asked.
Joseph, 22, was reported missing last week Friday.
A 38-year-old man was detained and police conducted land, sea and air searches for the missing woman.
Police said the search had extended to the Caroni River and the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard was involved.
Days later, Crime Stoppers offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to Joseph’s recovery.
Her body was recovered yesterday from the Gulf of Paria.
Praying for a miracle

Rajkumar questioned why police refused to lock down the roadways leading out of Picton Village, near Debe. He said a Ministry of National Security helicopter took three hours to respond and circled the scene of the crime before leaving.
Rajkumar said his family conducted searches in coastal areas, hoping to find clues to lead them to his daughter.
Not giving up

“The police should have locked down the area. The Coast Guard should have been out there. There were no roadblocks. They could have gone to Moruga and other coastal areas and look for her. But no, they concentrated the search in one area,” he said.
Rajkumar said he was disappointed his daughter was not returned to her two young children, ages five and nine, but he has not given up hope.
He said he would continue to pray for a miracle. “I will not give up. I have turned to my God and he will shed some light on this. I pray everyday for someone to come forward with information on my daughter,” he said.
Sookdeo, 34, had dropped off her two children at Picton Presbyterian School and was turning her vehicle to return to her Wellington Road, Debe, home, when her pathway was blocked by a van.
She was taken at gunpoint and placed in the men’s black Nissan X-Trail, leaving behind her cellphone, handbag and one side of a pair of slippers.
San Fernando CID, Task Force, Anti-Kidnapping Unit and K-9 Unit officers conducted searches for Sookdeo, but she was not found.
A week later, a black Nissan X-Trail was seized at a house in Barrackpore and an ex-policeman detained. But the man was later released and it was determined the vehicle was not used in Sookdeo’s abduction.
Two months later, Crime Stoppers offered a $50,000 reward for any information that could help in finding Sookdeo.