Friday, January 19, 2018

Vicious, barbaric act, says top cop

‘...Police Service will bring Nyasha’s killers to justice in shortest time’

remembering nyasha: Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams observes a minute of silence in remembrance of murder victim WPC Nyasha Joseph at an interfaith service at the St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Tobago, yesterday. —Photo: ELIZABETH WILLIAMS

ACTING Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams has described the murder of 22-year-old WPC Nyasha Joseph as barbaric and vicious.

Speaking in Tobago yesterday, he condemned the WPC's murder and stressed that those responsible will be brought to justice.

“It has traumatised the nation and has traumatised the entire Police Service. Such a vicious, barbaric act by individuals or an individual is one which no one in this society would endorse and condone,” Williams said.

Williams also spoke at the St Andrews Anglican Church where he called for the congregation to stand and observed a minute of silence in remembrance of the fallen officer.

Williams said the Police Service will make all efforts to bring those responsible to justice.

“As an organisation, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has been focusing on ensuring that we pursue this investigation with all our vigour, to ensure that we can bring the perpetrators to justice within the shortest period of time,” Williams said.

Williams noted a number of people have been arrested and are being questioned in connection with the murder.

“We have detained seve­ral persons. I would not give the names of those persons at this point in time, but yes, we detained persons in this investigation.”


Covering funeral expenses


Williams however did not confirm or deny there has been a confession from one of the suspects held, and said he wished not to state the motive being looked at in the case.

“I will not speak to the stage of the investigation and the content of the investigation, but to tell you that the investigation is being pursued at this point in time, with all efforts to solve it within the shortest period of time,” he said.

He said he wants the media to stop glorifying murders as “every murder is a citizen whose life would have been snuffed away by criminal elements”.

He said the Police Service will assist the family of the policewoman with funeral expenses.

“The circumstances are as such where we have to do something special, and as the head of the orga­nisation, we will undertake to cover the expense of the funeral,” he said.

Special focus


He then gave this assu­r­­ance to members of the pub­lic: “We would continue to focus on this investigation in a special way because it's a police officer who has died, in a special way, but we would also continue to focus on other investigations in a special way.”

He said a further update in the case would be forthcoming soon at a news conference.

The body of WPC Joseph was fished out of the Gulf of Paria on Wednesday. She was seen last week Thursday but did not show up for work at the Morvant Police Station last Friday and had been missing since.