Friday, January 19, 2018

CrimeStoppers: Rewards not paid publicly

CrimeStoppers yesterday responded to the newspaper report which stated the fisherman who spotted the body of WPC Nyasha Joseph in the Gulf of Paria is claiming the $25,000 reward offered for information leading to her recovery.
In a statement yester­day, CrimeStoppers said the organisa­tion has ne­v­er and can never iden­­­tify any tipster since such a person is anonymous.
Newsday quoted pre­sident of the Police Social and Welfare Association president Inspector Michael Seales as saying arrangements were in place to pay the $25,000 reward to the fisherman.
However, CrimeStoppers said: “To qualify for a reward, a Tipster must first call our hotline at 800-TIPS and be assigned a tip number. The tips are taken anony­mously and where applicable, rewards are paid anonymously.
“CrimeStoppers Trinidad and Tobago has built a 17-year reputation on the assurance of anonymity and confidentiality, and no such information can ever come from our organisation.”
CrimeStoppers said its anony­mous process involves tipsters calling 800-TIPS and being assigned a tip number. Such a person calls back the 800-TIPS hotline to learn if they have earned a reward.