Friday, January 19, 2018

Mentally ill man shot dead by cops*

'STABBED 2 COPS': Peter Marchan

A 30-year-old man said to be mentally-ill was shot dead by police in Diego Martin on Thursday.
Paul Marchan was an outpatient of St Ann's Hospital for several years.
According to police reports, about 6.30 p.m on Thursday, officers of the West End Police Station received reports that Marchan, of Farm Road, Diego Martin, was threatening his neighbours.
PC Emmons and PC Steele were dispatched to the site. However, the officers claim that when they attempted to subdue the 30-year-old, he attacked them. At the time, he was armed with a broken bottle in one hand and a knife in the other.
The officers received injuries to their legs, and had to be taken for medical treatment.
They called for backup, which entailed another team of officers from the Western Division.
Marchan allegedly attacked these men as well, however, one of the officers, fearful for his life and the lives of his colleagues on seeing the 30-year-old man armed with sharp instruments, pulled out his licensed firearm and shot Marchan once in the abdomen. 

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