Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Proudly celebrating the Indian diaspora *

THE staging of the two-day academic conference organised by the Indian Diaspora Council of the United States, in conjunction with a similarly oriented organisation based here in Trinidad and Tobago, was yet another occasion in which our heritage has been celebrated.

For having the sense of our own progress as a people, to have decided to stage the event here in Trinidad and Tobago marking the milestone of 100 years since the end of Indian Indentureship is a tribute by itself.

The event represented one more occasion on which the social and cultural evolution of Trinidad and Tobago over this period has announced us as the model society about which perhaps too often many of us take for granted.

At a time when the world also is paying tribute to the genius of the late, celebrated man of letters who was Derek Walcott, it is more than fitting that this event was mounted on the back of the moulding of a people in which Indian indentured workers and their descendants played such a significant part.


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