Sunday, February 25, 2018


...Drops all 5 lawsuits against PM Rowley


Former attorney general Anand Ramlogan has withdrawn five lawsuits which he had brought against Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and one against Works Minister, Fitzgerald Hinds.

All the lawsuits had been filed while Ramlogan was attorney general and Rowley and Hinds were Opposition MPs.

The five cases against Rowley were withdrawn before they came to trial. By contrast, the case against Hinds had been concluded and was awaiting the decision of the Justice Vashiest Kokaram.

Contacted yesterday on why he chose to withdraw all these matters, Ramlogan stated by text message: “The matters were withdrawn by consent with each party bearing their own costs. I have no further comment on these matters.”

Rowley said yesterday that he was prepared to defend all the matters in the courts. “I was prepared to defend myself (in court) because I was dealing with public business and as opposition leader it was part of my duty to raise these matters,” he said.

Noting that it was Ramlogan who had brought all the complaints (lawsuits), the Prime Minister said he was informed that Ramlogan made the decision to go no further. “I was merely defending,” the Prime Minister said.


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