Thursday, January 18, 2018

What's the motive for this murder?

...her jewelry was taken

Unsolved: Sharlene Somai

SHARLENE Somai walked out of her family home last Tuesday and into the hands of her killer.

The homicide investigation is being carried by detectives who do not have a motive for her killing.

Police said they are combing through her phone records, and speaking with relatives and anyone else who saw her alive that day to try to retrace her last steps.

Detectives were expected to visit Somai's family on Tuesday to conduct further interviews.

Somai's body was found last Thursday with a black bag over the head in a cane field near her Petersfield, Felicity, Chaguanas, home.

The 23-year-old had left her home around 7.30 p.m. two days earlier to go to a nearby parlour but never arrived there, police said.

An autopsy found she was suffocated.

Following the discovery of her body, relatives said they believe she could have been found alive had police officers acted after they made the missing person report.

But head of the Central Division acting senior superintendent Kenny McIntyre said the police did all they could to find Somai.

Somai's brother, Christopher Somai, said the killing had baffled his family.

He said when her body was discovered, her gold band and rings were missing. Her phone had been left in the porch of their home.

“If it was a robbery, well then rob her, why kill her”, said the brother. “She maybe had $30 or $40 on her. That is what she was killed her for?”

“A lot of women are getting murdered in this country. But no human deserves these kinds of deaths”, said Christopher Somai.

Police had briefly detained a close male relative of Somai's the day her body was found.

No one else has been detained since.

The brother said the relative was “kind and soft hearted” and would not hurt his sister.

“He (the relative) is living here with us and we do not want him to leave. He is a really nice person, very soft hearted and kind”, he said.

The family wants the case to be solved and justice for Somai's killing.

He said Somai's four year old son has said that he is “missing his mummy, but she is in his heart”.