Tuesday, January 16, 2018

'Baptists have important role in reduction of crime'

in the moment: A ritual is performed by members of the faith during the Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day celebrations at the Faith Tabernacle, La Horquetta, yesterday. —Photo: CURTIS CHASE


As crime and criminality remain on the front burner in Trinidad and Tobago, Bishop Mural Dillon said the Baptist community has a very important role to play in their reduction.

“Therefore we must utilise some of our limited resources to educate and inform our male in our churches and communities. They must know how to love and treat and care for our females. The male in the church must be the role models for our young men in this island,” said the Bishop during Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day celebrations at Signal Hill in Tobago yesterday.

Dillon said men must take up their responsibilities and execute them efficiently. He called for the implementation of social programmes, such as parenting workshops, as he said some of the bad behaviour in society is as a result of poor parenting skills or lack thereof.

“We must revisit our moral and spiritual values and set high standards and uphold them,” he stated.

Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Minority Leader Watson Duke was in attendance and danced and sang with the Tobago baptists, advising them to speak out against what he termed are the wrongs of the THA.

“Continue on the journey, when you see wrong things going on in the Tobago House of Assembly, shake your bell and walk the streets, yes, shake your bell. It is okay and I am giving you permission now to come by the Assembly and shake your bell,” said Duke.

THA Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles said the struggle of the Baptists of the country is one which reflects courage, persistence, endurance and creativity.

“Even today as we await the progress of the autonomy bill, that progress reflects an ongoing struggle, not merely for recognition as Tobagonians, but for the opportunity to determine our path forward as an island seeking to fashion a robust economy and an enduring society.”

Charles said he hopes to establish, in the office of the Chief Secretary, a unit with the responsibility for ecclesiastical affairs.

Yesterday's celebrations took place under the theme, “Continuing the journey, Securing the ship”, and were held on three acres of land at Signal Hill given to the Baptist faith by the Tobago House of Assembly in 2006.