Saturday, January 20, 2018

Where is my mommy?

...murdered woman's infant son

FINAL GOODBYE: Relatives of murdered mother Sharlene Somai gather around her coffin during the funeral at Petersfield, Felicity, Chaguanas. —Photo: NIKITA BRAXTON-BENJAMIN

THE FAMILY of murdered Sharlene Somai, wants to know why her killer has not been found.

And now that Somai's four-year-old knows the truth of his mother's death, the toddler constantly asks for his mother, making it even more difficult for grief-stricken relatives.

Speaking with the Express on Thursday, Somai's brother Christopher said there has been no arrest for his sister's murder.

Somai's semi-nude body was found dumped in an abandoned canefield near her Petersfield Village, Chaguanas home, days after going missing on March 21.

Somai, 23, had left the house to purchase a phone card at a nearby shop.

According to Somai's brother, the family is traumatised by the whole ordeal and if finding it difficult to cope.

“I don't know what more to say. Nothing happening and this whole thing is making the whole family sad. We had to tell her son and now he asks for her all the time. He doesn't know what death is about but her just missing his mommy,” said Christopher Somai.

He said police officers have offered counselling for the family.