Thursday, January 18, 2018

The mysterious murder of Sharlene Somai clueless

Who did it? - Murdered mom Sharlene Somai

The relatives of murdered mother of one, Sharlene Somai, have no faith in this country's justice system.

Two weeks after her decomposing corpse was discovered in abandoned agriculture lands near her home, no one has been detained for the crime.

Her brother, Christopher Somai, said his sister's death appeared to be a mystery. He said Somai walked out of the family's Petersfield, Felicity, home to go to a nearby parlour and never returned.

“We don't know what happened between our home to the shop. We are asking around ourselves because we are not hearing from the police. Some people are saying they saw her by the shop, but the shop owners are saying she never came there. No one saw her walking on the road. No one saw her talking to anyone. So we are clueless. This is a mystery to us,” he said.

Homicide detectives have no motive for her killing.

Police are now awaiting results of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing from samples taken from Somai's body.

Detectives are hoping forensic examinations of Somai's fingernail clippings and the piece of wire that was found around her neck would reveal the DNA of the person who suffocated her.

Police have also requested CCTV footage from the area where Somai went missing.

Officers have also examined Somai's phone records and have spoken to her relatives and others who saw her alive that day to try to retrace her last steps.

Christopher Somai said the woman's four-year-old son was asking for his mummy.

“He went to school last week, but it was difficult for him. His mummy would get him dressed and take him to school. Now he wants to know where she is. He keeps asking for her and we don't know how to explain that she is not coming back,” he said.

The Express was told that Somai's common-law husband, Suraj Toolsie, was withdrawn and is still grieving for his wife.

Somai's decaying body was found on March 23 with a black plastic bag over her head in a cane field near her home.  The 23-year-old had left her home around 7.30 p.m. two days earlier to go to a nearby parlour but never arrived there.  Following the discovery of her body, relatives said they believe she could have been found alive had police officers acted after they made a missing person report.