Monday, February 19, 2018

Father fined for gun after rescuing son from attackers

A MAN who pulled an illegal gun and began firing to rescue his son from being further beaten by a group of men appeared in court yesterday.
Keith Hyacinth, of Pleasantville, was charged with possession of a pistol and ammunition and discharging the gun within 40 yards of a public road while outside a nightclub in Debe last Sunday.
Hyacinth said they went to the club to celebrate his son’s birthday.
Through police prosecutor Sgt Denzil Alexander, the court heard that at 5.40 a.m. on Sunday in the vicinity of the club, located along SS Erin Road, Debe, Hyacinth observed his son being beaten by a group of men.
“As a result, the defendant withdrew a firearm from his waist and fired several shots into the air… The defendant then threw the firearm at the side of the road and ran to the Debe Police Station where he made a report,” Alexander said.
PC Maraj went to the scene and saw two spent 9mm shells on the roadway, along with a black metal object with a magazine.
On his return to the station, Maraj told Hyacinth of the offences committed and cautioned him.
Hyacinth said: “Men who I don’t know came out of a white B15…and they started beating up my son. They were pelting bottles at him and I was frightened that they kill him.
“I take out my gun from my waist and I shoot in the air to get them off my son. I cannot recall if I shot at any car. I cannot recall where I throw the gun but it was somewhere near the road.”
Following the facts of the case, which Hyacinth agreed with, Magistrate Margaret Alert entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf for discharging the firearm in a public place.
Defence attorney Subhas Panday agreed and presented a medical certificate on behalf of his client, whom he said was injured on Sunday.
He also said his client’s son sustained a cut to his hand and was scheduled to undergo surgery.
Panday said his client had not wasted the court’s time and did not use the gun to endanger anyone’s life. He also said Hyacinth had no previous or pending matters before the court.
Alert told him while she had a certain amount of empathy under the circumstances, she also had to consider that the situation could have ended differently. She told Hyacinth he could have instead faced a murder charge.
She fined Hyacinth $3,500 for possession of the gun and gave him 60 days to pay or serve nine months in prison.
Hyacinth was also fined $1,500 for possession of the ammunition. He has to pay the money in 30 days or serve three months in jail.
The father was placed on $15,000 bail for discharging the gun. He will return to court on May 9.