Friday, December 15, 2017

Cop to face discipline for leaking plan online

AN internal investigation has been launched in the Central Division Police District to determine who was responsible for the dissemination of a document on social media yesterday, outlining the time and location of police exer­cises to be carried out in the division over the Easter weekend.
The leaking of the document has now resulted in the schedule of the roadblock exercises, which were to take place throughout the division between Holy Thursday and Easter Monday, having to be reworked.
Also revealed on the document were the names of the senior officers who were to be on duty on those days.
One senior officer within the district confirmed to the Express yesterday evening that the document, which was signed by head of the Central Division, acting Snr Supt Kenny McIntyre, had been leaked, most likely by a fellow officer.
“All I can say is, yes, a document stating the time and location of the roadblock exercises was placed on social media, supposedly by one of the officers in the division. An investigation has
been launched to find out who that officer is, and once it is revealed, that officer will be disciplined,” he said.
He pointed out despite the leak of the document, he and his fellow officers will be out in their numbers until the end of the Easter weekend to crack down on delinquent drivers and criminal activities as a whole within the division.